Complaints Form


If you saw a marketing communication potentially in breach of the EU Pledge commitment you can inform the EU Pledge Secretariat by filling this form. Try to describe the ad with as much details as possible and provide a picture or a screenshot. The form is in English but can be completed in another EU language if more convenient. You will receive an automatic message directly to your inbox following submission and the EU Pledge Secretariat will personally inform you about next steps within 10 working days.


The Accountability complaints facility is free of charge and your anonymity will be guaranteed (the EU Pledge Secretariat will not share your name and/or contact details with third-parties). Click here for our privacy statement.


The scope of the mechanism is limited to marketing communications belonging to the EU Pledge Members in relation to their EU Pledge commitment. Incomplete forms or forms regarding marketing communications which do not belong to EU Pledge Members or are outside the Pledge commitment will be discarded.


The adjudication part of the system is administered by the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA). Non-EU-Pledge-related complaints may be submitted and considered at national level against national advertising standards, through EASA’s ad Self-Regulation network (click here).


If you have any questions or require assistance to fill in the form you can contact us at

Your name and email address are required. Your phone number and postal address are optional.
If you are submitting on behalf of a company or organisation, please be sure to state the organisation name
If on television or radio, please identify the programme during which the ad appeared, the channel, date and the time of day.
Please describe the advertising or marketing communication subject of the complaint
Please describe your complaint
Have you complained at national level concerning this ad to an Advertising Self-Regulatory Organisation or another organisation already?
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